About ENjuice

Welcome to ENjuice.com. We are 3 individuals that are fully committed to personal growth, health of mind, body and soul.

Through ENjuice.com we share the insights and knowledge we have gained through our journey of personal growth and self reflection while bringing ENjuice a unique and natural product to the world.

EN comes from the Japanese word translated as INFINITE meaning never ending or constantly evolving. While we think of Infinite, we think of something circular, it has no end. When all things in life fall into place, when there is total harmony, there is EN. When there is EN for the individual he or she can have a strong pull towards a certain direction in life. This pull comes from beyond the mind, it is an inner knowing. When EN occurs the individual is aligned with the flow of life, he or she is in touch with its source, which is the infinite circle of life. From that point on life is not a struggle but a blessing as each step on your path contributes to your personal growth while simultaneously contributing to a more harmonious surrounding as well as to the well-being and happiness of others. It’s like a magic thread is leading your way.

Our backgrounds and Journey

With backgrounds as professional dancers Frank, Machi and Will have been friends for the last 5 years. Just like EN their friendship has evolved and grown from being colleagues in an artistic capacity to  evolving into building businesses that are fully created around the concept of EN. They believe that when an idea comes from beyond their critical mind, when it is intuitive and the three of them are equally drawn towards it, it has to be EN! When it is EN they have to act upon it! For them it is like responding to the call of nature!

EN Company is active both in Georgia where Will is based and in Japan where Frank and Machi are based. Through ENjuice they look to build a deep connection between two countries that are very close to their hearts.

Both Georgia and Japan have a very rich diversity of climatic conditions and geographical features. Georgia is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains and has some of the best natural soil in the world. While Japan as an island being isolated from the rest of the world has a unique variety of species that contribute to a natural environment unlike any other.

Bringing EN to the world

ENJuice is one of those calls from nature!! This call came right in the middle of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a month ago from writing this very first post about ENjuice. We feel that there is a deep purpose to create a juice that can harmonize people from within in these times of uncertainty. It is now that people feel more disconnected than ever before. Therefore, we are fully committed to creating a product that contributes to the inner stability of the human being, a product that helps people connect to their roots, the place where we are all ONE, the place where we never have to experience a feeling of isolation.

The aim of ENjuice

Currently both countries are under a lock down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This makes it not possible to start developing the juices other than juicing from our own kitchens. But since ENjuice is much more than juice only, we will be creating weekly content around the concept of EN to inspire readers on their path towards a healthier, more harmonious lifestyle that boosts their personal growth. In our content we will go much deeper into each juice we plan on developing and how it affects different elements and aspects of life. Since we are starting from ground zero it gives us the opportunity to share our journey from being under a lock down, to finding the best local organic ingredients straight from the source, to a juice that transforms many lives!

EN is the key….

Creating ENjuice there may be many challenges we will face. We chose now to see those challenges as opportunities for our personal growth and to grow into a more harmonious team. At ENjuice we are fully transparent and are willing to share every step of the way. Ultimately we hope that the journey we are about to embark on will inspire and enlighten you to find your EN and start living life to the fullest every single day!!!




Frank, Machi and Will

Founders of ENjuice

*ENjuice may receive a commission by linking you through to sources we believe will benefit our website visitors. Any commission we make will go straight to the development of ENjuice.



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