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Welcome to ENjuice.com. The development of this website has sprouted out of the friendship of three individuals; Frank, Machi and Will.

Let’s write about our ‘story’ in a nutshell. The three of us all have a background as professional ballet dancers. Will is originally from the UK, trained to become a professional ballet dancer in New Zealand and ended up dancing at a high level in the beautiful country Georgia. Machi is originally from Japan, moved to the UK (when Will already left) at a young age to train to become a professional dancer and met Frank in Prague, Czech Republic at a dance intensive workshop, after which they got together and married a couple of years later. And I, Frank, who’s writing this on the behalf of the 3 of us, is originally from The Netherlands where I trained to become a professional dancer, met Machi at a dance intensive workshop and.. you know the rest of the story. But there’s a bit more to add, after I met Machi we danced at a high level in different countries around the world and ended up in Georgia, where we met Will. From that moment our friendship with Will developed. Currently Will still lives in Georgia whereas Machi and I live in Japan.

The 3 of us are passionate about dance, but even more than that are committed to living life to the fullest through transformation of mind, body and soul.
Each one of us has had their challenges and breakthroughs on our dancer journey. It is through those challenges and breakthroughs that we came to love personal transformation and are now willing to share with you our insights.

EN the magic thread leading the way

EN comes from the Japanese word translated as INFINITE meaning never ending or constantly evolving. While we think of Infinite, we think of something circular, it has no end. When all things in life fall into place, when there is total harmony, there is EN. When there is EN in all areas of life, you are aligned with the flow of life. You are in touch with its source and become an expression of the infinite possibilities through your unique path in life. From that point on life is not a struggle, but a blessing, as each step on your unique path contributes to your personal growth, while simultaneously contributing to a more harmonious surrounding, as well as to the well-being and happiness of others. It’s like a magic thread is leading the way.

The juice of EN

As ballet dancers we know very well the body needs to function at its best throughout the course of the day. With an intense training schedule and limited time to rest we found that juicing fruits and vegetables is the best solution to get all the required vitamins and minerals. We have many juice recipes that can transform your health if taken regularly. We will share those with you on our website and one day hope to really launch our own juice brand.

To us however, ENjuice is not a juice you drink, but rather the energy that flows through us when we feel inspired, happy, motivated, joyful and full of gratitude. It is the ENergy of creation that flows through your being. We’ve found that when in a certain state of flow great insights, ideas and visions come to us. The ENergy that we feel flowing is at a high frequency and is not entangled with our limited personal stories, but free flowing, straight from the INFINITE source of creation. So the energy flow is the ‘juice’ and the infinite source of creation it comes from is EN. One day we’ll hope it to be in the dictionary.

ENjuice ‘the uplifting flow of energy coming straight from the infinite source of creation’

There are unlimited ways to get the ENjuice flowing through you. Whether it is about a recipe, an exercise routine, a big insight, how to dance or how to meditate, all of our posts will help you get the ENjuice flowing in order to live a life of infinite possibilities.


At ENjuice.com we believe that each individual is unique, and has infinite potential within that can express itself when the ENjuice permeates and flows without any disturbance through their being. Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy, as well as that the universe is progressive and ever expanding. You, the unique individual reading this is part of the ever expanding universe. In order for you to keep expanding, together with the universe, we aim to provide content that supports your holistic development.

In order to awaken the ENjuice within it is necessary to consciously work on growing your wisdom and knowledge on different levels. This is why on our website you’ll find posts on topics that support either your physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual development.

Join us at ENjuice and start living to the fullest every single day!!!

Wishing you an ENlightning day,

Frank, Machi and Will

Founders of ENjuice

*ENjuice may receive a commission by linking you through to sources we believe will benefit our website visitors. Any commission we make will go straight to the development of ENjuice.

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