Benefits of eating raw broccoli


Benefits of eating raw broccoli – The Rocky of the veg world

Let’s be honest! When we think of juice, our first thought would be to think of the obvious choices like apple, orange or cherry. I was definitely one of those people!

I would never have thought about juicing RAW BROCCOLI! SHOCK, HORROR!!!

“Broccoli is a vegetable and it is meant to be eaten, not juiced!’

This would have been my first thought until maybe a year ago, when I made the choice to become vegetarian and was introduced to juicing vegetables and fruits. It changed my life!

This post is not to try to convert you to become vegetarian, vegan or even an earth warrior! (Although in these times, more earth warriors would be great!). But out of enthusiasm I have the duty to share with you the benefits of adding more raw vegetables into our daily food intake, particularly broccoli. Which, in turn will create a more balanced diet.

Now, I am sure you will be thinking, how can a post about broccoli be interesting and fun, well…..READ ON!!!!!!

Italian Stallion of Vegetables

When you read this heading I am sure the first thing that popped into your mind was the Rocky Balboa movies or Sylvester Stallone!

Well, even though the Rocky movies are life changing, I am here to talk about another Italian Stallion that will change your life even more….BROCCOLI!

Broccoli is from the cabbage family and originated in Italy some 2000 years ago. Only a few hundred years ago did broccoli start to appear in other countries. Broccoli can be categorized as an edible green plant.

There are three common types of broccoli. The most popular is ‘calabrese’, then there is ‘sprouting broccoli’ and ‘purple cauliflower’. The latter is despite the name, indeed a type of broccoli sold mostly in Europe.

This AMAZING vegetable is said to pack the most nutritional punch you can find anywhere on mother earth!

Healthy and firm looking skin

Eat broccoli every day and say goodbye to your Vitamin C supplements!


When it comes to skin health, Vitamin C and all the powerful antioxidants in broccoli are much more beneficial than any supplement that you can buy over the counter. So if you’re looking for a way to fight wrinkles and have smooth, firm skin, I invite you to ditch your supplements and start a long term relationship with broccoli instead!Healthy and Firm Skin

With Vitamin C being essential for the synthesis of collagen that keeps your skin looking firm, your skin will both thank you for eating and applying broccoli onto your skin.

According to research done by Johns Hopkins scientists, the application of an extract of broccoli sprouts to your skin brings with it protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Bones like a dinosaur

Broccoli is packed full of vitamin K and vitamin A. But it gets better, on top of that broccoli has calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Bring all of those nutrients together and you’ve got a powerful bone health booster which can also help to prevent osteoporosis.

And now that you’re protected against ultraviolet radiation with your broccoli skin, I recommend exposing your skin for about 30 min to sunlight daily. This will encourage your body to produce Vitamin D which is the only missing nutrient in broccoli (guess that’s why it’s protecting you against radiation.) to enjoy those dinosaur bones!!

Blood pressure and Blood Sugar

Low calcium is a factor that contributes to high blood pressure. By including calcium-rich food like broccoli in your menu, you can manage and help regulate your blood pressure.

But let’s not forget about chromium, a mineral that regulates blood sugar. Half-cup serving of broccoli provides 11 micro grams of chromium. That’s about one-third of the daily recommended intake. Chromium also increases insulin’s efficiency and thereby, increases glucose tolerance.

DNA repair

Broccoli has lots of anti-cancer properties, including sulforaphane, diindolylmethane and selenium but also antiviral and antibacterial characteristics. Furthermore, it has a chemical called ‘Indole 3 Carbinol’ which boosts DNA repair and helps block the growth of cancer cells.

Broccoli sprouts contain the highest concentration of sulforaphane making it essential to add to your diet.

A heart like a blue whale!

Broccoli does not only like preventing but also likes promoting. It can promote your heart health as it contains an adequate amount of folate. The presence of antioxidants in this amazing green sprout help decrease the risk of heart disease.

Blue WhaleA diet rich in polyphenol is known for strengthening the cardiovascular functions. Guess what? Broccoli is a dietary source of quercetin, which is a polyphenol.

A brain like Einstein!

Polyphenols are a group of chemicals that are found in plants and occur naturally. It is thought that Polyphenols help boost brain health and help to improve other neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases and also act as an antioxidant.

There are many other sources that contain Polyphenols, for instance wine! That’s right you heard me, so next time when you are having raw broccoli at dinner, it would not harm you if you decided to have a SMALL glass of wine to go with it.

Lose those extra pounds

Broccoli is a nutrient-rich food loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It contains almost no fat and is very low in calories. Go broccoli snacking and see the pounds fly off!!

Detox and feel reborn

You already know about sulforaphan being an anti-cancer property. Well, sulforaphane takes care of the body’s defence mechanism against carcinogens. It induces detoxification enzymes, which help in deactivating carcinogens and free radicals. Just like with skin health, it is the broccoli sprout that wins, when it comes to effectiveness to detoxify the body. The mature broccoli plant is powerful for detoxing, but the broccoli sprout is turbocharged in detoxifying nutrients.

Raw VS Cooked Broccoli

Now that you are aware of the amazingness that is compressed inside a broccoli, it’s time to discuss the best way to consume it. You wouldn’t want your broccoli investment to go down the toilet by what you do with it at home. If you owned a Ferrari would you drive it like a Tuk Raw BroccoliTuk?

Boiling broccoli can reduce the nutritional health benefits, the longer you boil the more nutrients it will lose…. So… eat it RAW or if you prefer to have it warmed up I recommend steaming it!!

Eating raw means no nutrients are lost, but with steamed broccoli, pretty much all the nutrients are saved, whereas if we boil or cook broccoli, it loses up to 90 percent of its nutritional value.

For example, as you now know, 1 serving of broccoli gives you 100 percent of your recommended daily vitamin C intake, boiling it will have you back on supplements.

By now, it should be clear that if we want to get the most benefit out of broccoli, it’s best to consume it raw. The best way to do so is by blending or juicing it with other fruits and veggies to create a delicious and refreshing smoothie or juice.

To learn more about how to create awesome and nutritional smoothies and juices with broccoli, keep following us as we’ll soon be sharing great recipes ideas on the website.

Is Broccoli a superfood?

There is only one answer to this question, a resounding YES!

If broccoli was a superhero, it would be bad ass! Think of superman on steroids!!!

Including broccoli into your weekly nutritional intake will boost your immune system hugely and give you all your nutritional needs, without you having to take many of the extra supplements that so many health companies try to push on us.

Although there are no serious side effects of eating too much broccoli, we should be aware that it can lead to gas or bowel irritation. This is common with many foods high in fibre. But the advantages of eating broccoli far out way the negatives.

The Rocky/Superman hybrid

When gathering all the information and facts in this post, I have the right to say that Broccoli is a cross between Rocky and superman on steroids! Now, that of course is my definition of broccoli, but definitely it is a food that anyone would want fighting in their corner every day, to improve their overall health.

The resounding answer that I have stumbled upon through the research for this post, is that you can really never get enough of this super food. It is affordable, found pretty much all over the world and super easy to include in your meals.

More than ever, during the pandemic of COVID-19, raw broccoli is one of the main food sources we should be adding into our daily diet, because it will help add to your body’s immune system to decrease your chance of getting any disease or virus.



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  1. Jason s Watkins says:

    OK so I was trying to leave this comment on site feedback but my computer has been doing whatever it wants for the past day or so. So I will just leave my comment here. I really enjoyed reading your article. I knew that broccoli was good for you because of the fiber in it. But had know clue that it had so many vitamins in it. Also when I seen where you said juice it, my first thought was gross! Until I read to add other things like fruit to it. How come I never seen broccoli when I read other articles on super foods. Or maybe I did and just didn’t pay attention. Now I am 100% carnivore, I don’t think I could ever just be a vegetarian. I am not against eating vegetables though. With everything I have learned inside your article I will definitely be putting more broccoli into my diet. I honestly think your article is one of the most informative ones I have read so far. Also you made it fun to read with the way you put it together. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. admin says:

      Dear Jason,
      Thank you so much for your fantastic comments!
      We are super happy that you enjoyed our post and we are working on some great new content that we hope you will enjoy.
      We will be adding recipes that i promise with not make you think GROSS but YUMMY!
      Take Care and Best Wishes!

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