eGo Tank Duo Deluxe Kit

The revolutionary eGo tank system solves the biggest issue with hassle-free use – a simple and long-lasting way to top up with liquid. With this latest development, you simply fill the tank and plug it in to the specially designed atomiser. The tank then feeds the atomiser with liquid until it is empty, then you refill with your favourite ENjuice liquid!

The tank is part of the mouthpiece cartridge, and has a simple-to-use cap that just pops off, then you can drip the liquid directly from your bottle of ENjuice to fill the tank. No messing around with syringes, no filler, no burnt taste. Each tank holds about 0.8ml of liquid. Each kit comes with clear and full instructions.

The “eGo” ecig is the latest generation of vaping technology. It addresses the problem of short battery life between charges by means of a manual 650mAh 3.7v battery. The sleek design means that while this is slightly thicker in diameter than a regular 510 ecig, it still has amazing looks and will last for 4-5 times longer between charges – that means up to a full day, depending on your own vaping usage.

The eGo-Tank battery comes with the added safety of a built in master on/off switch – simply click the button five times to turn on, then 5 times to turn off. With the combination of outstanding battery life and the convenience of the tank liquid feeding system, this is the ultimate vaping device.

The eGo-Tank battery can be used with regular eGo chargers. The switch has a blue LED light to show the unit is operating or that it is connecting to the charger correctly.

Each kit contains two complete eGo-Tank ecigs and everything you need to enjoy an outstanding vaping experience, including a USB and mains charger, and two silicone mouthpiece covers for improved mouthfeel and hygiene.

Kit contents:

2 x 650mAh manual eGo batteries – matt black
2 x eGo-Tank standard resistance cone atomisers
1 x USB charger
1 x Mains USB adapter (UK and/or EU plug)
5 x empty tank cartridges – translucent blue and white selection
1 x Instruction Manual
The kit comes in a stylish presentation box.

Our kits are covered by a 28 day warranty.

Please remember atomisers are a consumable part of the eGo-Tank, and will require to be replaced. We recommend you keep a stock on hand.

*Please note the USB charger supplied with this kit is not suitable for use on standard 510 batteries, and should only be used to charge the batteries included in this kit. We advise against the use any other charger other than that supplied to charge the batteries included in the kit.